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In this case, the organization wants to be very mindful of the individual skills and strengths each candidate brings to the table.

Capstone Presentation: Business Plan - Manuel Duran

Here was my advice to the finalists of this project. Hopefully its helpful to you when the time arises too!

Crafting A Leadership Business Plan

Food for Thought: In the end, an executive business plan should look less like a college thesis and more a blend of a personal bio and a living, breathing, workable document. Previous Post.

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Be concise and realistic. Walking a tightrope of specificity is a challenge. Business plans are generalizations and conceptual ideas more than to-the-letter descriptions of action. Successful capstones demonstrate extensive research, critical thinking, careful analysis, and clear and effective writing.

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Defining the business plan

For instance, your capstone research might include interviews with professionals in a particular industry or business area. Why not view those interviews as networking opportunities, stepping-stones to a job offer? The most popular track. A great choice for students who wish to start a business.

Types of Business Capstone Projects

Students pursuing double majors are encouraged to write integrated Capstones for both majors. This requires planning beginning in the junior year.

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When faced with timelines from two departments, students should expect earlier ones to take precedence. Double majors can only earn four total SCE credits, even if they write two Capstones.

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The Capstone receives a mark of Pass, Fail, or Honors.