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And then you can take the SD card out of the camera to review footage on your computer. Note that WiFi connection is required for the initial setup of Argus 2 or you may use your phone hotspot. After that, you are free to place the camera anywhere you wish. Yolanda is an editor of Reolink, and also an independent writer showing great interest in technology and art. She has studied home and business security issues for years, and always shares useful tips and tricks with her fans.

I need the cameras in an area that doesn't have WiFi or Internet. I've purchased a 4 camera combined with a NVR unit with hard drive. Can somebody help me? You need to enable the recording in the NVR. I have returned the entire crap for a refund, but thank you for your input.

Happy Holidays. So sorry about this. It never happened before. Our support team will get back to you and help solve it. Happy holidays. I am looking for a security camera for my wifi-enabled house but want to be able to live stream from my phone wherever I go in areas that may not have wifi.

My phone is on the LTE network. What do you recommend? Hi Helen! As long as your WiFi security cameras are connected to the network, you can get live stream with your phone wherever you go! My parents are needing to install cameras at my 89 yr old Grandmother's house, which is next door to them, to make sure she isn't leaving her stove on and such. Their house is about 90 yards from Granny's house. My parents do have internet and an android tablet they use to look things up online still have flip phones for cell service.

Granny doesn't have internet and never will. What would be the best, easy to use system for my parents to purchase? But if you want remote viewing, and motion detection alerts, internet connection will be required. They do have a computer room on the mail floor, she lives on the 2nd floor. I don't necessarily need to have feed access on my phone 4G network, but since there have been security issues with another resident going into apartments, I would like to be able to see if there was an intruder. I thought I had one at a store but now can't find it there only online.

Thank you for your help. You can install a security camera system. All videos will be stored in the NVR. You can copy the videos stored in NVR and play back on the computer to see whether there was an intruder. Without Internet connection, you cannot get live streaming on your devices. Recording videos doesn't need Internet. Use an android cellphone with a non-internet connected router using ip webcam android software and you log directly into it using the local ip address. I do this now to monitor the lobby from the break room.

Author is Pavel Khlebovich. The Pro version opens up remote if you have internet. Okay I've got a question Hi Jennifer. But if you want remote viewing from a phone, internet connection will be required, because your phone needs to connect to the camera, and network is the way for connection. I have a friend that has land in Ometepe Island, Nicaragua who has been getting things stolen lately every time he goes to town.

I am looking for a security camera of some sort that is longlasting and weatherproof. There is also NO Wifi on his property or internet access at all. These cameras could start working and record motion events to SD cards once you hook them up with power. We want to monitor the other side of our property, approx ft away from the house, through the woods.

What would be our best option? Is it possible to monitor that far away without a power source close to the cameras? Hi Allyson. I think the best solution for you is to use a wire-free battery powered security camera, which doesn't need a power adapter or the outlet for power supply. I wish to monitor my boat at the pontoon beside my house — 30m away. I would place the surveilence camera at the house where there is internet , but as I wish to do the monitoring when we are away in areas without internet access, so wish to use my mobile phone for the access, All I am wishing to do is keep a watch by calling in to the set up to see the boat is still floating and OK.

I need to know what I need to do this ,please. It's important to know that if you want to access the camera remotely via mobile phone, the camera and your mobile phone need to be connected with internet. If you can't get access to your cellular data or WiFi, it's also a good idea to ask your friend for help and offer him or her access to your security camera for the boat. I live out in the country and have very slow internet. I would like outdoor cameras that I can remotely view.

What options do I have that won't totally break the bank that will allow outdoor cameras that store locally to a NVR or desktop computer that will allow me to bring up at least 24hrs of past video recordings when at the NVR or desktop at home and allow me to occasionally view live video through an app on my cell.

Hi Joe, to allow outdoor cameras to store locally to a NVR without eating up you bandwidth, you have two best options available. Both options release you from the worries about using your bandwidth. The NVR and the cameras can automatically connect to each other on its own proprietary network and start to communicate with each other without consuming your data. If you occasionally need to watch live view remotely via your phone, then you need to connect the system to your router.

We provide 3 playing modes for you to watch the live videos. You can choose based on your needs and your network speed. Besides, a surveillance sign is included in the product package. Put it up on the wall or the bracket so that everyone knows you have installed a security system and the potential burglars are scared off.

Do remember that when you are prepared, you prevent. For privacy reasons, I want to make it impossible to transmit feed over internet or view remotely. Will I be able to access this camera directly using my laptop as long as I am within range? Or will other equipment such as a router be required? Hi Anon. We understand your concerns about security for privacy. The camera needs network for live view streaming, and if you need the feature of accessing the camera via your phone or your laptop, network is required.

That's to say, a router is required for this feature. I am looking to place a camera at a job site in the middle of nowhere. I am wondering how can I remotely monitor the job site if I do not and cannot set up a network at the site. I will be able to hood the camera up to a battery and solar panel for power..

Hi Daniel, if the job site has no Internet access and you want remote viewing, I'm afraid that currently no security cameras can achieve that goal. Then you can regularly play back the recorded videos to see what is happening on the job site. I'm just getting into using a surveillance camera with my cell phone. Why do I need wifi router when the camera is using cloud to stream to my cell phone?

Then the camera would be connected to the Internet for remotely viewing. I am looking for a camera I can put a security camera on the other end of my land which is 2,5 miles from my router will this still work? Hi Eva, due to the long distance between the router and your land, the router wifi signal cannot reach that far.

You may choose an IP camera with an SD card, the motion events will be recorded on the SD card so you won't miss any important clips. I have volt power on a light pole, which i would like to use next to driveway thanks. There is internet at the rental property where i need the camera. Hi harry. As what I've mentioned in this article, you can try a wireless security camera system if there is no internet. It will do surveillance like video recording, deterrence to stop break-ins, etc. Live streaming and alerts need internet to be transmitted. Yes, you can use a WiFi hotspot for internet connection in order to get live videos or get alerts when motion events are detected.

I need to keep an eye on my grandmother, but she has no internet what so ever where she is. Remote live streaming needs Internet connection. Therefore, there must be a network in your grandmother's place, like 4g, 3g, router network, etc. Can i get alert messages or video in my smartphone only using the internet of my phone and not using the wifi hotspot. I mean can i use just my cellular internet to both for the camera to send me information and to recieve information in my phone and not using the hotspot to operate the camera.

Yes, you can. To do this, you need to turn your phone cellular internet into a WiFi hotspot for the camera to connect to. Then the WiFi camera has network access and it will use your cellular data, and it can send you information and you can receive the information in your phone. Pls note that if your phone cellular internet is too far away for the WiFi camera to connect to that means if the WiFi cam cannot connect to your phone network , you won't receive information from the WiFi camera. What is the range or the muximum distance between the camera and the mobile phone to get signal from it.

Hi Gerardo. That depends on how your mobile phone network the WiFi hotspot you make is, like whether the signal is strong or weak can affect that. I need this at my storage unit while I'm thousands of miles away in California,would I still be able to monitor what's happening or at least have the videos to watch later when I got back in town? My storage unit has no wifi. Hello Andrew, you install a security camera system to monitor your storage unit. The videos will be recorded to the NVR so you can check the recorded videos after you come back. Please note that if there is no Internet access in your storage unit, you can not get remote live streaming.

Yes, it's available. Here are the direct links to guide you to the product pages. Add the one you need to cart and place the order. Reolink will ship your order ASAP. Hello, want to know if any of your cameras will work for monitoring the contents of a storage unit. Hello Anthony, we have two battery powered WiFi security cameras with the operating frequency of 2.

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They can work well in your circumstance to monitor your storage unit. Which should i use? I have good cable internet , would wired cameras be best? I need to have ft of wire for furthest camera thanks. Both wireless security cameras and the wired cameras have their unique pros that can meet your needs. And the best recommendations based on your needs are RLCs and RLCs, both of which can send you motion detection alerts when activated.

I need a spy camera that does not have to be connected to the internet to record. I got a canary, but have found that some times by the time it starts recording the event we are inside the house and either no longer in sight or almost out of sight. It is pointed straight at the door. Also the wifi went down so the camera was off for over 12 hrs. That's not helpful during a break in. Last, I don't want to have to subscribe to anything as apparently I need a membership for canary. Hi Stacy, since you want a spy camera that can record without being connected to the Internet, the best recommendations for you are the battery powered security cameras with SD card slot.

When activated, they can record motion events in the memory card without accessing Internet. Reolink Argus and Reolink Keen are both available options and you don't need to subscribe to anything. Hi Jodi, if there is no Internet in your home, you will be unable to access the cameras via a phone. But when the motion detection is triggered, Reolink Argus and Reolink Keen can record the videos on the memory card for your later review. Confidentiality Notice: This email message, including any attachments, is for the sole use of the intended recipient s and may contain confidential and privileged information.

Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure or distribution is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by email and destroy all copies of the original message. We have power but no internet. We are in a different state about miles away.

Hi, we are going to release the product that can work in your situation soon. And we will update the information once it is available. Please stay tuned! Hi, thank you for your great interest in our new product. Hi Beth, thanks for reaching out. We'll inform you immediately when the product is available. I'm looking for a camera to monitor my room I have no internet or wifi I believe I have a j3 android from metropcs with unlimited 4g what if any camera should i buy It is super easy to set up and comes with an SD card slot to record motion detection footage onboard even without Internet or WiFi.

You can also connect the camera to your 4g mobile hot spot, so that you can watch live viewing and receive instant alerts. But note that it might drain the power of your phone quickly. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us anytime. Hi Joseph, thank you for your kind words. By the way, if you want a more environmental-friendly option, you may check out the 2nd generation of Reolink Argus — Reolink Argus 2, a rechargeable battery operated security camera which can also be powered by the Reolink Solar Panel requires a separate purchase.

You can buy both Reolink Argus and Argus 2 from Reolink official website and we offer free shipping for orders to your area. Yeah, I have power also but no internet, and I need to monitor my house about 80 miles away. I think I got the wrong product Reolink Argus 2. Reolink Argus 2 requires a WiFi connection to work it if I want to monitor my house via live stream from 80 miles away.

I need to know the product that can help me as well. I am also looking for a security camera for my house. We cannot get internet access there and our phones being 4g LTE do not even get a signal when we are at home. My husband and I drive a truck and sometimes gone for a week or more at a time.

We have lots of expensive farm equipment outside and noneighbors around for a good distance so we would like to find a way to have cameras for outside the house and barn so when we're gone we can keep an eye on our place. If there is anything available plz let me know. Thanks so much! Hello Christina, if you want to set up several security cameras to cover your house and barn, Reolink security systems with cameras and NVR are ideal options.

Also note that without an Internet connection, you won't be able to watch the live feed via your phone or receive instant alerts when you are away from home. Feel free to contact if you have any questions. Has this product been launched yet? I also need a camera where I can get mobile alerts without Wifi in the area where the camera will be located. Hi there, yes, the 4G security camera that can work without WiFi is available now. Hi Michael, the product that can work for your situation is coming soon.

We will let you know once it's available. Thanks for your support. I would like to know more about this also. Any idea when it will be available? Hi there, the product is at the research stage now and we will inform you once it is available. Thank you for your support. We have a neighborhood pool and clubhouse we need to monitor as juveniles are destroying the pool contents, throwing large rocks in the pool, jamming the entrance and side gates to allow entry without a key, staying way past pool hours, etc. There is no internet available at the location.

Plus, the cameras must be mounted outdoors and capable of handling extreme temps and and foul weather. We're not opposed to making a costly investment as it will hopefully allow us to catch the perpetrators and stop their membership permanently. Can anyone offer some suggestions or recommendations?

Thank you! Hi Avant. Additionally, the cameras are waterproof and can brave harsh weather conditions. In case that any perpetrators appear, they will by captured by the security cameras and the recorded videos will be the most powerful evidence.

Harden Your Wireless Network Security With These Simple Tips

I have a H. VIEW say that it needs to be connected to a network and hence enable remote viewing with an ethernet cable. Can this be done using a cable-less method? Hi TAC, If you don't want to see the cables scattering around, you may conceal the wires for security camera systems, such as running the cables behind the baseboard in a room or through a plastic tube and etc.

The best way to eliminate the cables, of course, is to choose wireless security systems. But since you've already got one, I suggest you contact the support team of H. VIEW to ask if there exists a cable-less method. As I am reading reviews on the models, I see many complaints that you need Ethernet cable for initial set up. That is the problem. I do not have that option! Just wifi hotspot. Hi Rosemarie, given your requirements, the best recommendation for you is Reolink Argus, which requires no Ethernet cable for initial setup. You can simply enable the camera in virtue of the WiFi hotspot — quite easy and convenient for you.

Hi, I have an upstate house that I would like to monitor with security cameras and be able to see live video while I am miles away. The problem is we only have a wifi hot spot we can use as Internet access. Can we use that with the security cameras? Hi Rosemarie. Yes, you can use a WiFi hotspot as an Internet access to work with the security cameras, and you are able to watch the live streaming of the upstate house via your phone or computer. But this only applies to WiFi security cameras.

For PoE cameras, they need to be connected to the network with a network cable, not WiFi. If you have any problems selecting a suitable WiFi camera working for your situation, be free to leave your comment here. Now on my app i have to be connected to Wifi if not i can't see them. Hi Nena, if you want to watch the live view of your business via your phone, then you need to connect your mobile phone with the Internet, either in virtue of WiFi or your cellular data.

I want to have CCTV but i only have wifi — no internet so too many wifi signals interfere with my wifi home system. What would be the best solution? Hi there the router is a wireless router — EE bright box. So if there are other wifi signals, it can affect how quickly our internet runs and tv works etc. Does that make sense? I am not very good with these things! Hi Beckie, the wireless security IP cameras won't get your Internet access unless you use your phone or computer to connect to it and get live streaming remotely, or unless it detects burglars and sends video or images to you.

So they use your Internet only when it's necessary. Or you may choose the wireless surveillance camera systems. They can offer the most comprehensive protection for your home and work best with internet access. But note that you cannot get remote viewing or monition detection alerts without Internet. I have vacant properties that have no wifi or internet setup.

Do you sell outdoor cameras that work in this situation? Hi Chris, yes, we certainly sell outdoor security cameras that can work in your situation. Do you have power outlet in your vacant properties? Hi, my parents don't have WIFI. I want to set up monitoring cameras to view them and their caregivers on my cell phone. Signal not that strong but is there something I can do to make it stronger and piggy back off that? I'm trying to follow the thread convos but honestly, I'm not that techy. Any help is greatly appreciated. Hi Laurie, 1 if your parents' and you are not under the same local area network LAN , then your parents' house needs to have Internet so that you can watch live viewing on your phone.

A router is needed if you want to view your parents on your phone under the same LAN. I am absolutely ignorant when it comes to this stuff. I bought a 4 camera security system from ebay. The system stated that it had no hdd. So do I need a hdd to monitor the cameras via the phone ap or is that just for using the dvr portion? Hi Aubrey, you don't need an hdd to monitor the cameras via the phone app.

Is there a security camera that will detect motion and record to SD Card where there is no wifi? It could be setup using wifi, but no wifi where it would be placed. Miles from the closest wifi connection. But note that if there is no wifi in your area, you will be unable to receive alerts or watch live viewing via your phone. I am looking to put some security cameras on my property and in my barn. Would I be able to view the cameras in my barn remotely utilizing my NVRs connection to wifi? Hi Maddie, if the cameras in your barns and your NVR are in the same local area network connect to the same router , you will be able to watch the live streaming of your barn.

But if the devices are not in the same LAN, you need to connect the cameras in your barn to Internet so that you can view the cameras of the NVR remotely. I already have a 16 channel DVR with 8 cameras locally but am wanting to install a Netgear outdoor access point and wifi cameras in the remote locations of my property to tie into the DVR. Hi, my father lives a very remote area and he's been plagued by burglars recently. There's no internet or wi-fi available. Is there anything we could use to monitor the property covertly as they'll shoot and destroy any cameras that are conspicuous?

We'd like footage that can be recorded and reviewed later. Also is there a system that has some sort of black box storage unit that can't be destroyed should the system be found by the perpetrators? For recording motion triggered events, you may choose the low-profile security cameras with an SD card slot , which can record motion detections onboard. As for the placement of the cameras and the recording apparatus, you need to position them in the same location.

Hi Peter, the camera battery life depends on the specific usage and varies from person to person. We've done thousands of tests on the batteries and they are expected to work up to days based on the results. I need to monitor my invalid husband's room. I want to be able to see and hear him on a small dedicated TV. I live in a rural area and Internet is slow and limited. I don't need recordings — just live monitoring.

I am 81 and find the small baby monitors too hard to see. I don't need to monitor on a smart phone. Someone is always at home with him. I just need to monitor him from my bedroom. I can't find one now. Both of them feature 2-way audio so you are able to hear and talk to your husband from your room. These two wireless cameras also allow you to watch the live viewing from your smart phone. I was looking for a camera that is connected to data network. Similar to a smartphone but just the camera. Any ideas? Hi Lyn, all of the Reolink wireless security cameras can be connected to data network like 3G, 4G, etc.

And are you going to place the camera indoor or outdoor? Actually I was looking for something that actually is already on the network similar to a smartphone. Securitybysam is no longer in business. But the had what I am talking about. Hi Lyn, we are going to release the product that can meet your needs soon.

I need a wireless camera inside a barn to observe animals. There is no wifi at the building and there is 1 bar 4G from the cell tower an the door out side. Do I need a cell power booster to run a camera via cell to my phone or tablet? What system would work for me? There is electric in the building. But note that you cannot receive motion detection alerts or watch live stream remotely without network.

I want a security camera that doesn't need wifi but uses my PC's Ethernet Internet connection. I don't need to move the camera around. Sitting next to my PC, facing out the window, will do just fine. Is there any such thing? Technology exists to have those. We offer a wide range of high quality wireless and wired security cameras and system.

If I install a camera system, but the DVR box can't connect directly to the existing WIFI router, what exactly do I need extra so that the DVR can connect remotely to that router, say 30 to 40m away and I can use remote surveillance on my phone? Hi Paul, I'm not sure what security camera brand you are using. For Reolink security camera systems, you will need to run wires to connect the NVR to the router. I suggest you contact the support team of the seller and check what exactly you need.

Hi there — thanks for the reply — appreciated. I was hoping to not have to use wires due to where the wifi router is located in the house, and where the camera system will go in outbuildings. I was wondering if there was some kind of special router box that I could plug the system into directly, and that would then communicate wirelessly to the main router. Hi Paul, yes, there is some kind of special router box that can meet your needs. You may consult your security camera seller whether they can provide it or search on the Amazon store to find the suitable match.

My father is elderly and lives alone. Around 2am someone pounds on his door or throws things at his house and he is frightened. I am looking for something that will monitor his door with photos but not need a cell phone to view. Hi Sarah, you may choose the security cameras with SD card to record the motion detection events. Hey there I am looking for a camera such as a baby monitor, but before I pull the trigger on one, it cant be connected to a network in the setting it will be placed.

All I need is the ability for it to run and for me to be able to pull the SD card to check the footage. Will most cameras work in that way. Can I direct connect to a laptop in setup to make sure angle is good and then just leave it to stand alone. Just swap cards and check footage on a laptop.

Hi, do you have an electrical outlet in the place? It comes with an SD card slot, so you can pull the SD card to check the motion detection videos. I'm looking for a security system for a historical park with 9 outbuildings in rural Alaska. We do not have internet. We figure we need 4 outside cameras. We don't have a large budget. Can us suggest anything for us?

While the WiFi security camera system RLKWB4 comes with 4 outdoor p wireless security cameras and supports all the 4 cameras recording at the same time. You may choose the suitable one based on your needs. I need to get security cameras at my ranch, but there is no Wi-Fi and I don't have electricity over there. Hi Rebeka, if there is no WiFi at your ranch, you will be unable to watch live viewing or receive instant alerts. Even there is no network in your place, the camera can store the motion triggered events in the SD card and you can take it out to review the footage on your laptop or computer.

It is totally wire-free and comes with an SD card slot, perfect to work in your situation. And you can also place it indoors or outdoors since it is IP 65 weatherproof. I need to put a security camera in my car, and not have to use WiFi. I have an unlimited data plan with Verizon for my Samsung Note 8 smart phone. I would like the security camera to have 2-way audio and a siren.

Ron Hopeful. Hi Ron, the cellular security camera can use the Verizon Data Pan and meet all your needs. We are also now developing the product that can work in your situation. And we will let you know once it's available. Hi, HELP! I need an outdoor camera security system.. I live on a tropical island. Wi fi is not an option because it works on and off. The gate is quite far from the house. Is there a wireless system that I can use? I do not need to check it on my cell phone, I only need recording on a monitor. It is an outdoor wireless security camera system with 4 wireless security cameras and an NVR.

What is Wireless Network Security? - Definition from Techopedia

But note that you will be unable to watch live viewing or receive alerts if there is no Internet access. Thank you for your response I have another question: I have very large trees in the garden between where the cameras would be placed gate and the house.. Would a wired system be an option? Hi Gerry, if you only need video recording and don't need to access the wireless security camera system using the Internet, the trees won't be a problem. Not everyone wants their security cameras to store the captured video on the cloud.

Hi Hemna, you have raised a very good point and I couldn't agree with you more. But one thing I would like to correct — no one can access and control your security cameras without your permission that is, without your username and password.

And indeed all of Reolink plugged-in security cameras can record videos to the FTP server for your later review. You can also choose the security cameras with SD card to save videos locally. Hello can i use a wifi security camera if i connect it to my mobile phones wifi hotspot? So if i buy a phone and have internet on it etc and turn on the wifi, will it work to live stream etcetera? Hi there, yes, you can connect a WiFi security camera to your mobile phone hotspot.

And then the security cameras will work to stream live feed, send you instant alerts, etc. But note that it might also consume much of your cell phone data. I have been looking for a camera that I can live stream, but not remotely, without using my WiFi. I would be viewing from an adjoining room, much like non WiFi baby monitors.

I thought perhaps via Bluetooth, but I can't find anything that fits that description. I don't need to record or store footage or get motion notifications. Just need to be able to view the room when I want. Hi Melissa, if you want to watch live viewing of a security camera, currently you can only use the WiFi or cellular data. Maybe in the future, as technology advances, there might be security cameras that fit your description.

WiFi (Wireless) Password Security - WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPS Explained

Hi Gary, thanks for your interest in our product. We will inform you at once when it is available. I am looking for a security system to set up in my RV. Only have a mobile hotspot and want to do remote viewing via my smart phone. Is there any technology that will allow me to do this? After you connect the camera to the mobile hotspot, you can watch remote viewing on your smart phone.

If you have a camera connected to your home wifi and you are in another city can you see what is going on? Hi Robi, as long as your camera is connected to the Internet, you can remotely access the camera and see what's going on from afar, even you are in another city. Hello I want to be able to check on my shed in another person's property whenever I want to see it how can I do that without internet but using my phone to check in on it thanks Lola. Hi Lola, thank you for reaching out.

Hello, I am looking for a surveillance system for in my barn to monitor my animals. I do not need to record, just need to be able to watch in real time in my house preferably on my phone. My barn is 30 meters from my house and I can not have a wire between them and I have no internet. Is that possible? I am looking for a camera that can be set up with wifi, but will be taken with me to hotel rooms that are not on the same network or have no wifi at all historic hotels.

I only need it to record about 10 hours at a time, as I will pull the sd card and look at the recordings. It is a dual band wireless security camera and comes with an SD card slot. You can schedule the recording mode based on your needs before you take it to hotel rooms, and then it will record videos to the SD card for your later check.

Great thank you, I will be using a 32gb sd card, so hopefully that will be enough for hours at a time. Hi Matt, this camera supports both motion recording and scheduled recording you can set up the time zone you want to record, as showed in the picture above. I have a mobile hot spot with no router on a jobsite. My parents have a house in Florida and a house in New Hampshire, when they are not at those houses the internet gets shut off. How can I make it so they can access video surveillance without internet on their mobile devices from miles away?

I either get wireless camera and no wireless internet to laptop or wireless internet to laptop and no wireless camera onto laptop at the same time. I have win 10 and all it shows is I have internet on my decktop. Doesn't say LAN. Doesn't say wireless anywhere in win 10 no wireless card so i am attempting to use fios wifi router via ethernet win 10 just says you have internet connection. All the cameras working condition, the ethernet working condition, and the wireless working condition. If I change the ethernet settings to wireless in the Fios box, 2 cameras run and no internet runs even to the ethernet desktop or the wireless 2nd computer, or to the wireless only laptop.

Is there any way to stop this router from switching all my devices and settings every time the ISP changes? Hi there, thank you for reaching out. To solve your problems, I suggest you contact the support team of Fios and explain your problems in details, so that they can offer expert advice on stopping your router from switching your devices. Thanks they're 3. Theye'r conclusion buy a wireless card. I have Fios wireless route and netgear wireless router.

The two work together with a laptop with internal wireless. Too much junk doing something any one router and a couple ethernet connections should be able to handle simply. Looks like a wonderful security system. I can connect and record, talk, turn on light and night vision. Thank you, JEP. Hi, John, we are going to release the product that can work without being connected to WiFi soon. Once it is available, we will update you immediately. Thank you very much for your reply.

Many customers have been waiting for this particular security system. I can't wait! Thank you for the very informative articles. Hi Grendle, yes, Reolink Argus comes with a micro SD card slot support up to 64GB , so you can save the motion detection videos onboard and no cloud is needed. Hi Reolink, Thanks for the article but more importantly your great responses to people's questions below. I am looking for a camera which will meet two criteria, I'll provide the context: I have a boat docked at a marina 30 minutes from where I live and would like to set up a remote monitoring camera inside the boat to check on its condition.

My marina now has wifi, but the password only gets you to a splash screen where you select the type of plan premium or free. Obviously there is no way to navigate the splash screen on something which does not have a browser. So the first criteria is I'd need to be able to get the camera's MAC code to give to the provider. I will not be able to plug an internet cable into the router to provide the initial setup. I bought an Amcrest camera initially, their popular version, but can't get it to connect via WiFi only.

I read that sometimes the problem is weak signal reception, which is why I am considering the Reolink C1 Pro which has actual antennas and is dual band whereas the Amcrest does not have any visible antenna. But if I need to do the initial setup via hardwire cable to the router as I have read somewhere , which I can't access, that won't work. I read the Reolink article about the best security camera for an RV and while it spoke about the cameras being WiFi it was silent as to whether or not the initial setup needed to be via cable.

It also said you can use a mobile hotspot to connect, but again was silent as to whether it could be set up solely via the hotspot. Thanks for your time. And yes, an Internet cable is required for the camera initial setup except the battery powered security cameras. So if you cannot plug an Internet cable into the router, the best recommendation for you is to choose the battery powered security cameras which can be set up easily by scanning the QR code. And Reolink Argus is the best seller you should definitely not miss. If you still have any more questions, please feel free to let us know.

I think that is about it, lol. The reason for being so precise? Neighbors that hell itself spat out. Have taught their two young children to vandalize our property and not worry about it Along with their parents constant verbal assaults, which they so kindly instruct their children to do also.

It was always a nice little neighborhood until our next door neighbors sold their house and these If you can help with this list, I promise you will always have someone thinking about you in the best of ways. I have done so much research and have not found, to my knowledge, any security system that will do all that I mentioned without costing a fortune. Like I said no need for high end, just reliable and able to provide decent enough recordings that can finally put an end to the nightmare The night vision is also great and they can see up to feet in the dark.

But note that the power source is required for the WiFi security systems and audio recording is not available. This waterproof wireless security camera allows for audio recording and comes with a 16GB memory card to record motion detection event onboard. But you will need to plug it into an electrical outlet for the normal work.

This wire free security camera features smart motion detection and can record even without no WiFi and no power source. And you can also watch video samples in the product page to check out the image quality. Hope the information above will help land you on the right one! If you need any further assistance, please feel free to let us know. I bought a 4 camera wireless system that I am using off-line.

Three of the four cameras connect to the NVR. I plugged the fourth camera into the NRV with the Ethernet cable and got a picture so I know the camera works. I also plugged it in, covered the lens and heard the click of the night vision turning on. I bought an additional camera from Amazon in hopes that it would work, but still it would not. The screen shows nothing, not even an attempt to find a signal and this camera is located the closest to the NVR. Anyone know how to fix this issue?

Please check your NVR connection with the camera by switching connection to another different port and connector. If the screen still shows nothing, you may switch all devices off and reboot cameras and your NVR before unplugging all power switches. Hope it will help solve your problems. You can view the footage, and record directly to the tablet? Hi Sam, do you need recommendations of security cameras that can meet your requirements above? I have a WiFi router but no internet at times in my camper I would like to be able to veiw WiFi cameras on my phone over this wifi router.

Hi Jason, if you want to view WiFi cameras on your phone, stable Internet connection is required. You may optimize the WiFi router's position and keep it away from anything that might block its signal, so that you can get strong and stable WiFi signals to watch the live viewing of your cameras. And if you need recommendations of some high quality WiFi cameras, please feel free to let us know and we'd love to help! Need an wireless camera without internet connection.. Which can give live stream in area of around 5 km And can record as well.

Hi there, the product that can give live stream without Internet connection is coming soon. Looking for a multiple camera system for a large, indoor warehouse like area, approximately ft x 80 ft. Can use several cameras pointed in different directions preferably from a single location to cover the entire area. We do not have internet and currently no need for remote monitoring. Not looking for criminal behavior, just monitoring activities of approved members to make sure they're following the rules.

Wireless would be nice, but will consider wired if the resolution is significantly better. Do we need a router if we do not have internet, or is the system complete as provided camera and NVR. What are the options for viewing data? It will not be connected to a computer, so can data be downloaded to a flashdrive to be viewed offsite? Is there an option to view onsite using a tablet? Hi Deb. This similar question has been asked and answered. Please refer to DJB's, which is right below yours. I lost my remote setting on my cameras, I can only view it as long as I am in my modem network How can I fix?

Hi Daniel. If no, then the only option for you is the battery camera. Reolink Argus 2 and Reolink Keen are recommended. If there's no internet, as I mentioned in the article, you won't get the options to receive notifications and to view the live streaming on your phone; still, the camera will work to record the events to the Micro SD card you insert and of cause, you can view the recording if you take out the SD card to view on any offsite computer. The systems have their own self-contained network for the cameras and the NVR to transmit data and you don't need a router to set up the network.

You can view the recorded data on the PC or monitor you set there.

WLAN security: Best practices for wireless network security

All the data are recorded on the pre-installed HDD, and you can also copy the data to view on any computer. But again, if you want remote viewing and notifications when you're not there, you do need a router to set up the Internet. Hi Jack. To help avoid spams from others to your email box, I've deleted your email you put on your comment.

Now back to the topic, almost all doorbell cameras in the market have 2-way audio, but to transmit the audio data from the camera end to the other end, like when you're not home, it needs network. Hi Stacy. For the totally wireless wire-free option, Reolink Argus 2 and Argus are the ones for you.

They can work without network — monitor your pool, and record motion events to the SD card you put into the camera body so that you can check the recordings by taking out the card and inputting into a computer; but no remote access via phone since there's no internet. Hi there, the wireless security camera systems would best meet your security needs, requiring no Internet cables for the data transmission. Hi there, so glad that this post helps. Please let me know if you need more assistance with the camera selection.

I need it to be clear enough to identify individuals day or night as well as license plate numbers in the event we do catch a thief on camera. We would be mounting the camera on a light pole approximately 15 in the air and 50 feet from the mailboxes. The camera would be posted over a road, so motion activated units would not work. There is no place for a wireless recording device in the general area. Is there anything that will work with our needs? Hi there, yes, cellular security cameras are generally designed to record motion detection events.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to let us know. I don't really wanted a wired set up. Can you please advise what would best suit? It is super easy to set up and only uses your Internet data when you remotely access the camera to get live view or when motion alerts are sent to you.

Hope the information above will help land you on the right option. If someone enters into the monitoring area, the camera will detect the human movement and send instant alerts to you phone. Worry not if there is no light at night! Reolink Go comes with a starlight image sensor, so it can capture clear images and videos even in complete darkness. Hi there, Reolink Go is a plug and play security camera, so you simply need to power the camera and it is ready to work.

Because packets of data in wireless networks are sent through the air, they can be intercepted and modified quite easily by malicious users. This means that wireless networks are more vulnerable to attacks on the integrity of data. However, the current methods used by wired networks to ensure the integrity of packets, such as checksums, are perfectly adequate for ensuring the integrity of packets in wireless networks, and so no novel solutions have been adopted.

Wireless networks are particularly susceptible to DoS Denial of Service attacks. These kind of attacks are particularly difficult to stop since network providers want to allow legitimate users to initiate communications with the network, and cannot stop malicious users from exploiting this to cause a denial of service. Another way in which malicious users can potentially restrict the availability of the wireless networks is through radio jamming. This involves sending out a lot of noise on the same frequency as the network uses.

However, there are techniques, such as frequency hopping which can make this kind of attack more difficult. Also, this threat is less relevant in the non-military world since the 'jammer' could be reported to the police and arrested. One kind of attack on the availability of wireless networks which has arisen in the last few years is battery exhaustion attacks. Because many wireless network devices are portable and therefore battery powered, malicious users can repeatedly send messages to the device.

This prevents it from going into its sleep mode, and the battery runs down much faster. A block cipher is a symmetric cipher that operates on a fixed size block of bytes at a time. The stream of binary digits that make up a message are divided into blocks of a standard size typically 64 or bits long and then the encryption algorithm is applied so that all the bits of each block are encrypted at the same time using the same key. Following transmission the ciphertext is decrypted a block at a time at the receiver by applying the reverse transformation using the same, shared secret key.

A stream cipher is a symmetric secret key cipher that operates on small units of data as small as a single bit at a time. Sender and receiver both share the secret key. To send a message the sender uses the key to produce an infinite pseudo-random keystream. The keystream is then logically combined with the plaintext, typically via an operation such as XOR to produce ciphertext. At the other end of the network, the receiver uses the shared secret key to produce an identical keystream to the sender.

This is then XOR-ed with the incoming ciphertext to reproduce the original plaintext. Example of Stream Cipher: RC4. Regardless of the type of symmetric cipher being used it is important to keep changing the key used for encryption. Note: In reality an infinite keystream is obviously never produced. The keystream is simply as long as the message being sent. Pre A passive eavesdropper intercepts all wireless traffic, until an IV collision occurs.

The resulting XOR can be used to infer data about the contents of the two messages. IP traffic is often very predictable and includes a lot of redundancy. This redundancy can be used to eliminate many possibilities for the contents of messages. Further educated guesses about the contents of one or both of the messages can be used to statistically reduce the space of possible messages, and in some cases it is possible to determine the exact contents [ 2 ].

An extension of this attack uses a host on the Internet to send known messages to a wireless network station. Because the attacker knows the contents of these messages he will easily be able to decrypt all packets that are sent using the same initialisation vector. If an attacker knows the exact plaintext for one encrypted message, this can be used to construct correct encrypted packets. This procedure involves calculating the checksum for a new message and performing bit flips on the original encrypted message to change the plaintext to the new message.

This new packet can now be sent to a mobile station or access point and will be accepted as a valid packet. If the attacker is able to guess part of the header of a packet then he may be able to flip appropriate bits to change the destination IP address of the packet. The address could be changed to a match the address of a machine somewhere on the Internet that the attacker controls.

The attacker could then broadcast the modified packet from a rogue mobile station. As most wireless network installations have Internet connectivity the packet will be successfully decrypted by the access point and forwarded unencrypted to the attackers machine on the Internet! The small space of initialisation vectors allows an attacker to quite quickly build a table of key streams with an entry for each IV.

Once a key stream is identified it can be used to decrypt all other packets that use the same IV. Remember that the IV is sent unencrypted in the packet header. Over time the attacker can build an exhaustive table of IVs and corresponding key streams. Once built the attacker can easily decrypt every packet sent over the wireless link, without actually ever knowing the secret key, by looking up the correct key stream in the table.

As the initialisation vector in WEP is only a bit field a busy access point will exhaust every possible IV in just 5 hours! WPA works with existing This key is entered manually on the AP Access Point and on all clients that communicate with it. It never changes unless it is manually re-entered on all devices. A bit initialization vector is then appended to this to produce a bit key that is used for encryption. On busy networks, the initialization may need to be repeated in a matter of hours meaning that encryption keys are often re-used. Designed to prevent an attacker from capturing data packets, altering and then re-sending them.

Pre-Shared Key: This method for authentication uses a statically configured pass-phrase on both the client workstations and on the access point. This allows users of the network to be authenticated at the access point without the need for an authentication server, which is unlikely to be available in home or small office environments. Access to the network is controlled by an authentication server. This holds user credentials e. EAP is a general protocol for authentication of network users.

It does not select a specific authentication mechanism upon establishing a link, preferring to wait until a separate authentication phase. A number of mechanisms are supported under this scheme including digital certificates already widely used in Internet security , unique usernames and passwords, smart cards, secure IDs, or any other identity credential that the IT administrator is comfortable deploying. It uses static keys for user authentication and the RC4 encryption algorithm is known to be vulnerable to some analytic attacks. Bluetooth, like Wi-Fi, is a standard for wireless network communications.

However, unlike Wi-Fi, which is designed to replace existing, high bandwidth, long range wired networks Bluetooth is designed primarily for short range, low bandwidth 'Personal Area Networks'. The idea is to provide a common communication specification to allow completely dissimilar devices, such as PDAs, mobile phones, printers and even fridges to communicate with each other.

Unlike Wi-Fi, Bluetooth has to be available to devices with low computational power. Category 1 devices have a range of between 0. These devices might include mobile phone headsets, where the communicating devices are most likely to be in close proximity. Category 2 devices have a range of between 1 and 10m. This is the most common power range for Bluetooth devices.

Category 3 devices have a range of up to m. Another difference to Wi-Fi is the ad-hoc nature of Bluetooth networks. Although Wi-Fi networks are designed with a certain amount of flexibility, they are generally fairly static. In contrast, Bluetooth devices which are most often mobile are designed to be able to move in and out of networks as the owner moves around.

This difference means that the same security procedures that are used in Wi-Fi are not suited to Bluetooth, and new measures have been adopted. In Bluetooth, there are three security modes. Devices are other Bluetooth devices that wish to use the services you provide.

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These devices are divided into two categories: trusted and untrusted. Services are the services you provide to other devices, and are divided into three categories:. In security mode 2, security is handled by higher level applications rather than at the link level, and is enforced after the communication is established. Fig 1: The Bluetooth architecture. In security mode 3, security is enforced before a communications link is established. Security in Bluetooth, like in other networks is based on authentication and encryption. In Bluetooth security there are four main identifiers.

To authenticate devices in Bluetooth, a link key is generated for the connection, followed by a challenge-response strategy to ensure that the claimant device knows the link key. There are four types of link key defined in the Bluetooth specification: unit keys, initialisation keys, combination keys and master keys.

In addition, Bluetooth defines four algorithms E1, E21, E22 and E3 for key generation and authentication. Unit key:. The unit key is generated in the device when it is first turned on, using the E21 key generating algorithm. Once generated, it is stored in the non-volatile memory of the device and rarely changes. The unit key can be used as a link key between two devices, however it is a last resort since sharing the unit key allows the device to be 'spoofed'. For example, if device A communicates with device B using A's unit key as the link key, device B then has a copy of A's unit key.

Device B can then pretend to be device A and start a communication with device C, or can intercept and decode communications between A and C if A's unit key is used as the link key. In general, the unit key is only used as a link key when one of the devices has very limited memory and is not capable of remembering any extra keys.

Fig 2: The E21 key generation algorithm used in generating unit and combination keys. Initialisation key:. The initialisation key is needed for two devices who have never communicated before.