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One thing I do know is that I was blind and now I see. How did he open your eyes?

Why do you want to hear it again? Do you want to become his disciples, too? The narrative of conflict about Jesus contrasts Jesus light with the Jews blindness, Jn — The theme of water is reintroduced in the reference to the pool of Siloam.

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Ironically, Jesus is being judged by the Jews, yet the Jews are judged by the Light of the world; cf. Jn — Jesus denies such a cause and emphasizes the purpose: the infirmity was providential.

Jn Tb ; — 13 ; — 2 , but Tobit was not born blind. When Marshall died in , he and the Court he led had rebuked two presidents and a dozen states, and laid down principles of law and politics that still apply.

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Now, when the Supreme Court makes the news every day it sits, and every time a new justice must be appointed, there is no question of its prominence—a prominence it owes, in the first instance, to Marshall, the man who made it. Marshall appreciated having such a disciple. They functioned as a team—on the bench, as a legal team; off it, sometimes as a comic team.

It was an established custom of the Court that the justices could have wine at their boardinghouse dinners only if it were raining evidently to cheer themselves up.