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The wall is built with L stainless steel that is electropolished, passivated, and coated with Spectra-Shield to provide triple corrosion resistance.

Kersplash design has doubled the anchoring in the height dimension for improved climbing feel. Pool owners have their choice of clear or solid color panels, and all panels fit the same frame, allowing changes between panel types and the combination of panel styles on any wall. Kersplash panels angle out over the pool overhang, depending on total height of frame, to maximize balance between climbability and safety.

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Spectrum continues as the forefront leader in the Aquatic industry with design advances and thrilling changes to the Kersplash Pool Wall in The company infuses this learning into their complete family of brands. It is intended as a guide for both the neophyte and the experienced recreational power boater.


The book includes detailed instructions for: 1 Selecting and buying a boat; 2 Making an intelligent engine choice; 3 Selecting boating accessories; 4 Choosing skis, boards, and towables; 5 Selecting a personal slalom ski; 6 Learning to ski and towing a skier; 7 Learning to slalom; 8 Riding and towing other water toys; and 9 Maintenance and safety issues.

Comparative descriptions and contact addresses of the major boat, ski, wakeboard, and accessory manufacturers are included.

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  • Ker-SPLASH is not only a reference guide, but it also includes down-to-earth information and entertaining boating stories. The author has been a boating and water skiing hobbyist for several decades.


    He has participated in many facets of recreational boating in two of the nation's most active boating states, Mississippi and Texas. The author hopes to encourage participation in one of the most family-oriented American pasttimes. Campus and Students. Dawn Bonker.

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