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Since , I am also involved in science education for children in various contexts, and became specialized in educational applications for clinical psychology. My research since is based on experiments carried out in the laboratory and in the field, mainly electrical measurements from to , and focussing on environmental radioactivity, radon and CO 2 after My main interest is the physics of natural sites , from meter to kilometre scales, with fundamental issues such as the dynamics of geofluids in the crust, hydrothermal sites in tectonically active zones, including environmental and industrial applications.

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My current focus is the dynamic permeability of the crust and the percolation of geological gases. Other commitments: Perrier, F. Perrier, F. Nsengiyumva, Active science as a contribution to the trauma recovery process: Preliminary indications with orphans from the genocide in Rwanda, Int.

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Voir surtout :. Sur ce point essentiel, voir mon ouvrage de Eddington , Maurice Allais , , L'Anisotropie de l'Espace, pp. Allais , , L'Anisotropie de l'Espace, p. Principes fondamentaux de l'analyse scientifique ; F.

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    Dayton C. Editions du Seuil, , pages. La Jaune et la Rouge, novembre , pp. Editions l'Harmattan, rue de l'Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, octobre , p. Miller, Avril ,19 p.


    Editions du Seuil, p. Retour Sommaire. Madame Einstein.