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Rubinshtein I. Algorithmization of Histogram Comparing Process. Additional Proofs to the Necessity of Element No. Ajaib M. Assis A. Carroll R. Ekuma C. Kowalski L. A Comment on arXiv: Barbu C. Rossi's Reactors — Reality or Fiction? Abdelrazek A. Asham M.

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Minasyan V. Weller D. Our Mathematical Universe: I. Wilde P. A Thermodynamic Analysis". Secchi A. Magnus H. Faye H. Electron Configuration, and Element No. Adekugbe A. Benish R. May R. Zein W. Mina A. Bruchholz U. Wagener P. On the Necessity of Using Element No. Stavroulakis N. Roussos I. Nikias Stavroulakis Al Rabeh R.

Kaminsky A. Christianto V.

Volume 15. Progress in Low Temperature Physics

Stone R. Chrisitianto V. Harney M. Nudel'man A. Two-World Background of Special Relativity. Sharples J. Valery N. Michelini M. Vezzoli G. Abdallah I. Dadaev A. Nikolai A. Arbab A. Vasiliev S. Haranas I. Eckardt H. Malykin G. Gift S. Paasch K. Celakoska E.

Casuso Romate E. Israel L. Goldfain E. Garas'ko G. Ungar A. What Gravity Is. Neumann U. Models for Quarks and Elementary Particles. Sharma A. Isaeva E. Karimov A. Part I: What is a Quark? Part II: What is Mass? Dubrovskiy V. Wang X. Smirnov V. Mora C. Bayak I. Reply to the Letter by Gary C. Keilman Y. Apostol M. Where is the Science? Dunning-Davies J. Shalaby A. Kotov B. Unruh W. Georgiev D. Caltenco Franca J.

Quantum Turbulence

Basini G. Yefremov A. Comment on the "Declaration of the Academic Freedom" by D. Enders P. A paper in honor of C. Feinstein B. Tawfik W. Marinov S. Zheng-Johansson J. Claycomb J. Preferred Spatial Directions in the Universe. Part II. Castro C.

Low-Temperature Physics: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers

Christov C. Chung D. Abo-Elsoud M. Phenomenological Model for Creep Behaviour in Cu Robertson G. Exact Theory to a Gravitational Wave Detector. Vikin B. Yershov V. Rughede O. Arp H.

Progress in low temperature physics. Vol. 9|INIS

Ratcliffe H. The First Crisis in Cosmology Conference. Oros di Bartini R. Nucleation of vortices in units of one quantum has been observed with c. NMR in a rotating cylinder filled with 3 He-B. During acceleration a new vortex is created each time the counterflow velocity at the perimeter reaches a critical value v c T, p. The measured v c resembles the calculated velocity v cb T, p of the bulk superflow instability, but is smaller by a factor with power law dependence on the superfluid coherence length. This indicates that a nucleation event takes place whenever the flow exceeds v cb locally at the nucleation site and the nucleation barrier vanishes.

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