Guide Public Campaign Financing in New Jersey-Legislature: A Pilot Project Takes Flight

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The fate of the rhinoceros in East Africa — as also of the lion and the cheetah — is very hazardous. There are estimated to be only 2, left in Kenya and they are dying at the rate of a year while only are born. Tsavo, 8, square miles of scrub country astride the Nairobi-Mombasa road, is far from an ideal game area but was the only large piece of Crown land available.

At the moment only one tenth of it has enough water to carry game properly, although elephants are thriving there. The campaign has had its encouraging moments. The building of the pipeline is soon to begin, however, even if enough money is not raised for the whole project.

52 Statehouse Reporters Review the Top 5 Public Policy Issues in Each State in 2016

Perhaps more serious for the future, the campaign has found very little support among Africans, though a few have contributed in office collections. But they find little active backing from the Government. It is sometimes said that game preservation is impractical in an agricultural country. To meet this sort of criticism a new game policy was recently announced. Most important point was the decision to define zones where game preservation should be of paramount importance, others where wild and domestic animals may live side by side, and yet other zones where the demands of agriculture and forestry must mean the elimination of game.

The Government has also arranged that the Masai district councils should take over responsibility for game in their area, and the Governor took part this week in a handing-over ceremony at Amboseli , a park made famous by several films and blessed with the incomparable background of Kilimanjaro. Scientists of the standing of Sir Julian Huxley will be discussing the problems of game preservation, and many African politicians are being invited in the hope of impressing on them the importance of the campaign. Even as it is, the struggle against poachers is unavailing.

Poachers are more numerous and more subtle than ever; the price of rhinoceros horn as an aphrodisiac in the East keeps rising. Those two proposals, which are among those being backed by environmental activists, have majority support among Democrats. About eight-in-ten Democratic primary voters — 81 percent — back a total move to renewable energy, while 58 percent support a fracking ban.

But both proposals also face strong opposition from Republicans. Three-quarters of Republicans say they oppose a shift away from conventional energy sources, with 58 percent saying they strongly oppose the move. Opposition to a fracking ban is slightly more muted for GOP voters, although a majority — 55 percent — oppose it. Thirty-five percent of Republicans say they strongly oppose such a ban. Republicans are far more enthusiastic about drilling for oil off the coast of the United States. Just 24 percent of Democratic primary voters, however, agree.

LIVE: New Jersey Election Night Headquarters - NJ Decides 2018

Here are some highlights from the second half of those candidates:. This photo taken just before program started. How many crimes does this president have to commit before Congress will act and impeach him? But Ryan told the remaining crowd that, "we don't stop playing football" when it rains, so he wouldn't stop politicking either. Ryan told the remaining crowd that he understands rural America and he will "rebuild" small towns. Here are some highlights from the first half of those candidates:. No, I'm not afraid of that. I would be afraid if I were a school teacher in a kindergarten classroom and those kids for whom I'd already sacrificed so much were up against a gunman with an AR because we didn't have the courage to stop him while we still had time.

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Scenes from the SteakFry pic. While the crowd seemed a bit unfamiliar with Yang, the Yang campaign told NBC he will be making more frequent trips to Iowa. Just an aberration. It's going to take more than that. We want to win and deserve to win we can't water down our values.


The NBC team in Des Moines watched as the candidates marched into the steak fry with waves of supporters, a mariachi band and a drum line. Here's a look at how some of the candidates made their appearance:. The marches into the Steak Fry have begun - JulianCastro with a mariachi band pic. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. Under the Sanders plan a public credit registry would be created to replace for-profit credit reporting agencies like Equifax and TransUnion.

The campaign first previewed the plan on Aug. At the time Sanders said he was looking at legislation to offer that would eliminate such debt.

No candidates can be found that fit your criteria.

Sanders is holding a medical debt and health care bankruptcy town hall tomorrow in Iowa where he's expected to talk about the new plan. While presenting the new plan on a conference call, Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Troy Price acknowledged that setback, but focused on the future.

A satellite caucus, which was was first offered in , allows people to caucus in other locations beyond designated precincts. For example, workers on the third shift at a factory or seniors at a nursing home could gather in those locations to caucus. In addition, Iowa caucus-goers living outside the state will have the option to satellite caucus.

According to the plan, Democrats in Iowa would have less than two months to apply to satellite caucus by the Nov. Concerns have been raised around legal protections for workers looking to satellite caucus while at work, but Price said an accessibility organizer will work with people in that situation to determine how best to proceed. While these plans were born out of a new DNC requirement aimed at making caucusing easier following the Democratic primary, it remains to be seen how many people will actually take advantage of this option.

More than black progressive leaders penned a letter Thursday condemning "hateful, violent and racist threats" levied by self-described supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders at the minority leadership of the Working Families Party, a campaign of harassment that began after the party endorsed his progressive rival, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, for the Democratic presidential nomination earlier this week.