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The leader of the Appeals Board must be a legal practitioner. The Appeals Board is an independent administrative body, administratively subordinate to the King and the ministry. Neither the King nor the ministry may give instructions for or reverse the Appeals Board's exercise of its authority in individual cases.

The King may issue regulations providing more detailed provisions on the composition and organisation of the Appeals Board. Legal proceedings may not be instituted unless the claimant has exercised the right to appeal to the Natural Damage Claim Appeals Board. Legal proceedings must be instituted no later than three months after the claimant received the Appeals Board's decision. This Act applies as of the date decided by the King. Natural damage reported to the district police officer lensmann , the execution and enforcement authority namsfogd or a police station with civil justice administration responsibilities before this Act entered into force, shall be forwarded to the Norwegian Agriculture Agency for further handling.

The compensation decision shall be based on the provisions of Act of 25 March no. Complaints that have not been heard before this Act entered into force, will be heard by the Natural Damage Claim Appeals Board. The decision of the Appeals Board shall be based on the provisions of Act of 25 March no. As of the date the Act enters into force, the following amendments will be made to other acts: — — —.

Act on compensation for natural damage Natural Damage Compensation Act. Chapter 1. Introductory provisions Section 1. Purpose The purpose of the State natural damage compensation scheme is to provide compensation following a natural disaster so that those affected can carry on their activities. Section 2. Application of the Act Compensation pursuant to this Act is provided for natural damage to real and movable property in Norway.

This Act does not cover damage to standing crops. This Act does not cover the petroleum sector.

Recourse To Force

Section 3. Persons entitled to compensation Owners of real and movable property are entitled to compensation pursuant to this Act. Chapter 2. Conditions for and assessment of compensation Section 4. Section 5. Basis for assessing compensation Compensation shall be determined based on the cost of necessary measures to return the damaged object to the same condition as immediately prior to the time of damage. Section 6.

Reduction of claim Compensation pursuant to section 5 may be reduced or, depending on the circumstances, refused entirely when: a the damage has affected property whose restoration cost exceeds its value in use, b the occurrence or extent of the damage is entirely or partly due to weak construction relative to the strains the property may be expected to be exposed to, poor maintenance or lack of attention, c the claimant may be blamed for not preventing the damage or limiting the extent of the damage, d restoration leads to an increase in the value of the damaged object. Section 7.

Coverage of additional costs Upon application by the claimant, a grant may be provided to cover additional costs when the damage is repaired in such a manner that the risk of natural damage is decreased.

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Section 8. Salvage costs Compensation may be provided for reasonable and necessary expenses the claimant has incurred to avert the natural damage or limit the extent of the damage. Section 9. Deductible and minimum payment Compensation for natural damage pursuant to this Act shall be reduced by a deductible set by the King. Section Reduction of compensations in cases of major natural disasters If, following a major natural disaster, insufficient funds are allocated to cover the claims of the claimants pursuant to the provisions of this Act, the compensation may be reduced.

Chapter 3. Deciding authority, application requirements, case handling, etc. Responsible authority The Norwegian Agriculture Agency shall decide applications for natural damage compensation pursuant to this Act. Submitting an application and deadline for application Applications for compensation shall be directed to the Norwegian Agriculture Agency by use of a predetermined form no later than three months after the damage occurred. Documentation and appraisal Through the application, the claimant shall document that natural damage has occurred and the necessary costs to restore the damage.

Payment and use of the compensation Compensation for restoration of damage shall be paid when the claimant can document that restoration is finished. Disputes regarding who is entitled to compensation In cases of disputes regarding who is entitled to natural damage compensation, the owner takes precedence over a ground lease holder and other rights holders. The protests were launched to coincide with Land Day , and are demanding the right of return for millions of refugees to villages and towns in what is now Israel.

The day marks the displacement and dispossession of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in during the conflict following the creation of the state of Israel.

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Otherwise, we'll assume you're OK to continue. Spokespeople available for interview The Israeli authorities must put an immediate end to the excessive and lethal force being used to suppress Palestinian demonstrations in Gaza, Amnesty International said as fresh protests have started today. The Israeli authorities must urgently reverse their policies and abide by their international legal obligations.

Recently Added News Algeria: End clampdown on protests amid wave of arrests targeting demonstrators News Afghanistan: Shocking disregard for civilians as US drone strike adds to death toll News Hong Kong: Arbitrary arrests, brutal beatings and torture in police detention revealed. Related content. If a state that has been victimized by a large-scale terrorist attack seeks recourse to military force against another state, it can be expected to do so at a scale well above the threshold set by Article 2 4 of the Charter of the United Nations.

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Such threat or exercise of military force is prohibited by that rule unless it is authorized under the provisions on collective security laid down in Chapter VII of the U. Charter or unless it occurs in legitimate self-defense. Under Chapter VII, it is for the multilateral decision-making of the Security Council to qualify a terrorist attack as a "threat to the peace" and then to decide what remedy is appropriate.

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The question to be discussed in this paper, however, refers to the legality of "unilateral" acts of military force in response to terrorist attacks. The discussion will therefore have to address the self-defense exception to the general prohibition on the use of force.