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What he explains is more attainable, and a better way to live is spiritual adulthood, which is what he talks about in the second book of this series.

I prefer audiobook format, the narrator is SICK and it really jams the concepts down your throat in a way that is hard to ignore. Gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream. Woah…that row your boat shit really threw me. This is a great article man. Skip to content. After reading hours upon hours of Eckhart Tolle, studying Ken Wilbur and other American philosophers, meditating and trying to become part of the evolving global consciousness… McKenna cuts through all that bullshit.

What is the truth? What is the meaning of life?

Jed Mckenna - No self (talk with Julie)

There is no meaning. This is where the whole extreme self-love philosophy I talk about comes from. So buyer beware, but check it out. Thanks in advance! May well be. I only suggest this as his writing in English is slightly disjointed and reminds me of someone from that part of the world who has English as their second language. Unless of course this style is just another double bluff. Could Peter Sweeney be the brother to Anne, who has a long relationship with Turak?

As I pointed out above, there are interesting similarities between the two. Turak is a salesman, now selflessly slaving away at his Twitter feed to push his service schtick, and as a salesman, he would naturally, in fact inevitably and constantly find himself in situations and places where ego and money is the name of the game. But who knows? Perhaps the salesman and the enlightened teacher converge after all, sharing a laugh or two on the way to the bank …. Look at the marketing of the McKenna books, the bonus content in the PDFs, the republishing of the bonus content in physical book form as a bonus for buying the trilogy in physical book form, etc.

Wisefool Press is McKenna. That strengthens the Turak connection for me rather than diminishing it. Completely right, Joe. Good stuff. But it most definitely is not; however, believing anything you want is your prerogative. Make of that what you will as if anyone could stop you! I know. I have been a member of his forum for some time. I tried to take the Navigator series but he said I was not ready yet.

After going further he let me taken the series and it changed my life. He might be mad at me for sharing this, he told me to get of all kind of social media like Facebook and Twitter, but I feel I have to. I can not be certain this man or woman is Jed McKenna but after the series I do not even care. I went so far as to go to Cambodia in search of this great man just to thank him. No the forum is run by a Canadian conman called Ken Mcmordie he is scamming money from people. He fled Canada after running a Ponzi scam. When i first woke up inside a dream i approached a dream character and asked whether he knew he was in a dream i was having.

He laughed at me, said i was crazy, and walked away. Would you laugh at them, too, or would you get your thinking cap on and actually consider the statement honestly and truthfully? Jed McKenna is a salesman who believes he woke up, and is now catering to a non-spiritual demographic within the spirituality marketplace.

I agree with those that believe Jed is Adyashanti.

In the End of your world there is the same underlying message and view of enlightenment as radical demolition and deconstruction, which few other contemporary teachers spouse, Jed being one of them. This is not unusual with writers and poets. Perhaps if it turns out to be him in the near future, he could integrate these two facets and become a completely new teacher. Well, who knows. I have no idea who Jed McKenna is, nor do I have an idea if the guy moderating the JedMcKenna forum is indeed Jed or just some guy or girl claiming to be him.

Seems to have helped all the enlightened folk…. A man who, if you are Canadian, might owe you money. He does not engage in social media or forums. He does not give classes or workshops or accept money from students. He has no teachings or products other than those offered by Wisefool Press and our international publishing partners. Anyone claiming to be Jed or to speak for him is misrepresenting themselves. Jed McKenna is a fictitious literary character and so cannot engage in any of those activities. The disclaimer is both true to nominal reality and deceptive to factual reality.

It is part of the marketing Game.

Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing

If Wisefool had truly wanted to dispel the myth of the impostor — they would have been less ambiguous. The desperate searcher will give anything for the key that will shift perception, the key needed here was found in Damnedest, for that I am forever grateful as the shift is abiding. The personality behind the book, totally incidental and irrelevant. You would say the same even if the personality behind turned out to be a murderer. Who any man is and what ANY man is made of in real life — matters. A man can sound beautiful on paper and be the SOB in life.

A few years ago I surmised that Jed is August Turak, or at least his creation. This was after reading the first three books. And then I realized that if this was true I had visited and walked around the house in The Damnest having attended a TAT meeting about 20 years ago. As for August denying this, as already stated by another here, of course he would deny it. I started with the premise that he was, but in the course of the discovered his identity and got the confirmation.

Reality is stranger than fiction, or I would say.. Reality feeds the fiction with rich and often improbable details. I found 2 or 3 pretty good matches.

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But then I became convinced that the old Jed forum guru was actually him and stopped searching since for at least 4 years. Why upset his own Apple cart? Very apt. Seems to be a smart guy…. And, the way he wanted to write the books — i. He is however, a very smart man who has dedicated his life to Truth and to leading others there. He realised that if these books had his name as the author they would not be as credible as if they had the JMK pseudonym. AT has done an incredible job of keeping his identity secret.

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Truly incredible. All good — they know the books really were written by no-one lol.

Book Review: “Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing”, by Jed McKenna – Depth and Liberation

So, to your concern about Jed being outed. Well, this is all just my opinion — not proof -just another story. Unless they did the amount of research I did — my opinion will be dismissed as just another opinion — not proof. The JMK books are wonderfully entertaining and a massive smack in the head — but I eventually wanted to stop being entertained with stories and philosophy and wanted to wake the fuck up. I could never get a handle on JMKs spiritual autolysis process.

There is no I and there is no am. I just killed Jed. Happy Trails To You because there is no one here and there is no here. It is great if you have no attachments to dreamstuff. Why does any of this discussion even matter? We are who we are and the author is who the author is. We can only do the foot work into our respective selves, if there is such a thing.

You can spend all the time you want trying to figure this thing out and come up with a handful of air. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content Click to rate this teacher! For a time we both lived on…. How you can see anything but clouds from that high horse of yours is beyond this benighted fool.

Good luck everyone! My hunch is that Turak and Peder Sweeney wrote the books together. That forum is a testament to the intellectual capabilities of his readership.


What if someone told you you were dreaming that you had woken up? Told you so. As has been amply proved by his readers, here and elsewhere ….