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The Devil's Chord. Seeker's Curse. Beneath Still Waters. Day Of Atonement. The Pretender's Gambit. The Bone Conjurer. Mystic Warrior. Celtic Fire. The Spirit Banner. The Mortality Principle. Gabriel's Horn. Serpent's Kiss. The Babel Codex. Eternal Journey. Swordsman's Legacy. The Soul Stealer. Polar Quest. The Golden Elephant. How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long. The title should be at least 4 characters long. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. At Kobo, we try to ensure that published reviews do not contain rude or profane language, spoilers, or any of our reviewer's personal information.

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Write your review. A man from our universe finds himself in an alternate one similar to our own, but where magic works. He battles a high tech extortionist and discovers that a Hitler figure is rising in what would be Europe in our world. A strange not entirely human man lives on dead flies. An unhappy woman travels to New Orleans, discovers that she has been reincarnated, then is sent back through time to solve a problem she faced in another life.

A romance. A young woman is magically transported back through time to solve a murder and find true love. A doctor is thrown back in time to the Johnstown Flood and into the arms of a charming man in this time travel romance.

Bones 9x06 The Woman in White Sneak peek #1

A woman who can read other people's emotions solves a mystery. A psychic woman solves a mystery and investigates ghosts. A magic book introduces three children to the spirits of a long extinct people. A tooth fairy gets involved with a man who is turning into a boogeyman.

A group of children use supernatural powers to avert a conspiracy against the entire world. A man is possessed by a spirit traveling backwards through time. Young adult novel about a wingless boy in a land of flying people. A young girl with the power to heal secures a position at court, but then is accused of witchcraft and must flee with her orphaned companion until such time as she can prove her innocence.

Complex story about a Tarot deck that could affect the world. A druid priestess marries a Christian and gains possession of a magical sword. King Arthur follows his arch enemy, Mordred, into the future of Britain and finds himself in the middle of World War II, where he is instrumental in turning the tide of battle against the Germans and their secret ally from the past. Romance novel featuring a magical coin. A nobleman looking for a wife meets a woman with a magic coin.

Romance novel in an alternate world full of wizards. Our heroes try to restore peace to a war torn world. A small fortress holds out against a conquering army. A girl falls through the ice on a lake and finds herself in another world. See collaborations with Poul Anderson. See also collaborations which follow and collaboration with Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Also writes Science Fiction and Horror. Two rival kingdoms hope to gain superiority by finding a lost land. A group of people involved in an ongoing fantasy role playing game transpose their interpersonal tensions onto their creation.

One player is determined to bring the imagined world to the end, and he is opposed by another equally determined to keep it going. One player in an elaborate role playing game has decided that the only way to keep it going is to contact the creatures of that plane of existence and warn them that their future is in jeopardy. But another player is determined to end the game and destroy the created world.

The supposed imaginary creatures of a role playing game invade the dreams of their creators and raise magical powers that will not only preserve their own existence, but alter the fate of the human players. Audio only. Religious rivalries in a fantasy world lead to war. Humans discover that the race who created him are not extinct after all.

Teenagers find themselves in a magical world on the brink of war. The teens continue their journey, this time in an underwater world. Our heroes are in a battle against a space pirate with an undead crew as they battle for control of a magical gemstone. A company of heroes pit themselves against a host of magical creatures. Yet still more adventure in space on a magical quest adventure among myriad nasty races and creatures. More adventures in a magical version of outer space as the company of heroes pursue a magical gemstone.

Multi-path game book involving magic. A young girl gains the power to travel through time from the Druids who rule her island. In the future, she discovers that the resentment of her people against the ruling class will eventually destroy them both unless she can convince them to find a compromise.

A ghost appears on a computer screen and carries a young child from our era back to the early part of the 20 th Century. A magical tower transports a group of children back to early Scotland. To Nowhere and Back? A young girl travels back in time. Two boys have adventures in a world that is inside a giant creature. Two young boys discover that trolls and elves are real. A crafty elf exchanges his own son for a human child, and both are raised to adulthood in ignorance of their true identities.

War and a cursed sword bring their rivalry to a confrontation and a climax. Conan leads a slave rebellion against an evil sorcerer, joins a pirate crew, and battles flesh eating ghouls in this adventure of the wandering hero in the land of Stygia. The gods of a fabled kingdom require a king to marry his own daughter despite his objections. Set in the time of the Roman rule of the British Isles and with minimal fantastic content. A man made rich by a demonic force complies with orders to gather a number of associates on a remote island. There they are forced to participate in a cruel game to decide their fates.

This treads the border between fantasy and horror. In the declining days of the Roman Empire, the land of Ys is devastated by the aging god that once protected it. Now its last king seeks to save as many of his followers as possible and keep their civilization from vanishing from the earth. The tiny kingdom of Ys must adjust to the presence of a Roman as a new king, despite that power's withdrawal from the British Isles in the early stages of its inevitable collapse.

Based partly on actual Norse sagas, this tale of Viking derring do is essentially an historical adventure story with minor fantastic trappings. Short stories expanded and combined into a novel. As the Middle Ages close, magic has not entirely been banished from the world. The central characters are halflings, not completely of either world, and their adventures in this fantasy are based on Danish mythology.

A tavern outside of time and space is the gathering place for heroes from diverse time lines and alternate histories. Straddles the border between fantasy and SF as elves and historical figures meet freely in a place where the rules of science and magic are equally suspect. A loose sequel to Three Hearts and Three Lions. A Viking witch ensorcels the man she wants to marry, but things get out of control pretty quickly. Four adventures of a werewolf and witch, husband and wife, as they battle various supernatural creatures. In a world contemporary to our own, the werewolf hero is working on a project to send a gigantic magic carpet based spaceship to the moon to contact the magical race that lives there.

Unfortunately, there are interested parties who want the project to fail. A Carthaginian colony in Britain is ruled by a king who has sought accommodation with the powers of magic to preserve his independence from all conquering Rome. But there's always a price to pay for security. Avon, , Doubleday, A contemporary soldier is transported magically back and sideways in time to a Scandinavia filled with supernatural beings, magicians, and warriors.

A Midsummer Tempest is a non-linear sequel. Marginal elaborated retelling of the story of a Viking warrior and adventurer. A Viking visits Ireland and discovers that magic hasn't quite left that land. Wounded, a warrior has a vision sent to him by a god and wakens with renewed vigor to track down the treacherous villain who endangers his friends. Two unrelated short novels.

The conflict between cruel humans and noble animals continues, this time with the latter aided by the actions of St Francis of Assisi. Set in 13th Century France, this story involves the machinations of a cruel noble whose intention to wipe out all the wildlife in a nearby forest are thwarted when the animals are organized by a wily pig. The various kingdoms of this game derived fantasy world maneuver in preparation for war. In a world where peoples from all times and places have been thrown together, a series of unlikely and unwieldy alliances begins to emerge.

A magical cataclysm brought cultures from all different periods of a fantasy world's history together in one time and place. This results in a round of wars, intrigues, alliances, and disasters. Magic returns to the world. Unfortunately, so do vampires and werewolves and ghouls, oh my! A woman seeks some important maps while magical activity surges in Atlanta. A fight tournament among paranormal beings is the site of an attempted murder.

A woman living on the border between our world and a magical realm gets involved with a flood of magic craving critters. An Endless Quest gamebook about a treasure hunt menaced by zombies. A multi-path gamebook in which you lead a band of thieves through a forest filled with ogres, trolls, and other monsters after stealing a magic device from a wizard.

A multi-path gamebook. A novel of religious paranoia. A good Christian lad marries an atheist and is punished by being exposed to a world where it is necessary to accept Satan's mark in order to get food and medicine. He realizes the Second Coming is at hand and decides whether to save his wife and lose his soul, or vice versa.

The recreation of a ceremony invoking the Oracle has magical results. Collection of stories, possibly pirated from the Burton editions. Title is listed as The Arabian Nights Entertainments inside. No dates anywhere. The Second Coming takes place in a socialist future. A mysterious change in human personality transforms the world. The arrival of a genie in his life makes a modern man's life incredibly complicated.

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A magical statue makes life difficult for an artist. A contemporary woman becomes queen of a fairy tale land. Tinted Venus Arrowsmith, A magic ring brings a statue to life with a resulting comical adventure involving thieves. A man and his son switch bodies using a magical wish and have equal trouble adjusting to their changed circumstances. The story of the Second Coming of Christ. Also writes Horror. A magical world of monsters and gods begins to infringe on contemporary America, focusing on one small town whose residents are about to have their views of reality completely changed, and some of whom are to discover the heroes hidden within themselves.

As the battle with the dark force of evil nears its climax, three of the protagonists find themselves transported to s Colorado in our own world, with no obvious way to return. A reluctant hero agrees to act as the agent of a secret society in order to find a counterbalance to the evil magic of a corrupt dictator. Eventually and predictably he succeeds. The heir to a magical legacy disappears and is hunted by the Harpers, who want to destroy him to prevent his becoming a new force for evil.

But some of their number disagree with that decision and decide to rescue him instead. Their objections are subsequently justified. Two people from our world return from the magical realm of Eldh with an injured knight, seeking medical treatment. Unfortunately, they are pursued by evil forces from the other world, where an evil demon is destroying the gods themselves. A criminal is offered a pardon in exchange for rescuing an aristocrat from a maze filled with monsters and magic, which he accomplishes after a series of episodic adventures. Two people from our world enter a magical other universe for the final battle with evil sorcery.

People from our world struggle to learn how to control magic in order to defeat evil sorcery in another reality. The narrowing of the gap between our world and a magical other universe has caused a series of disasters in that realm, and two people from ours find themselves cast in the role of the saviors of both worlds. A deformed man lives in a tower, rumored to be a monster but actually just a very unhappy human.

Elsewhere, a noble uses dark magic to raise an army of zombies to do his bidding. This variation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame is heavy on atmosphere and light on action. Accused unjustly of murdering an elf, the protagonist must find a way to identify the real culprit. The guilty party takes violent steps to prevent being discovered. A World War I soldier begins to experience visions of a world populated by those who have died on the battlefield.

The disappearance of a magician results in a series of quests. Evil has become the dominant force in the world, so one human and two supernatural beings team up to locate the personification of Good in a bid to restore balance to the universe. An ordinary human agrees to become the personification of Time itself.

A woman whose music has the power to mesmerize people learns from Fate that she is to become the personification of Nature, but that it has been prophesized that Nature will be bound to Evil. She immediately suspects that the man with whom she is in love is Satan in disguise. Stile exists in two worlds, one magic, one scientific, and someone is trying to kill him in each place. On one plane he is involved in a series of computer monitored contests, while on the other he is faced with a dragon and an unfriendly unicorn.

A ghost and a zombie fall in love I'm not making this up , so a young boy agrees to search for a potion which will make their union possible. In order to do so, he occupies an adult body and travels back to a time when the ghost was alive, and unfortunately falls in love with her himself. The ruler of Xanth is on his way involuntarily to exile in our world, and the heir apparent is a young man with little self confidence. So he gathers a small group of friends and sets out to rescue the missing king, ultimately causing more trouble than he cures.

Denizens of the world of magic and our own world, accompanied by an alien from another planet, set out to help a young woman overcome her problems. Menaces include the dreaded Mind Predator and more mundane villains. An unusual blend of fantasy and science fiction. More Xanthian madness as an enchanted pair of underpants play a role in the resolution of a power struggle among the goblins, a perilous journey through time and space, the quest to find personal destinies, and the daring theft of a Roc's egg.

A magical warrior who possessed the power to recover from any wound has finally died when the parts of his body were so scattered that he could not use his magic. Now in the form of a ghost, he enlists the aid of a young girl in his quest to recover his bones and restore himself to life by reassembling them. A quest for the secret of personal beauty turns out to have magical complications. Someone has written Xanth's history, in advance. A villain sells his soul to the devil in exchange for the ability to alter the history of Xanth to his liking. Fortunately, he underestimates the resourcefulness of a particularly competent young woman who converts him to the desire to be good again.

Two youngsters from our own world are drawn into Xanth via a role playing game that turns very real. Then they discover the future of that magical land may lay in their hands. Seems like even more puns than usual this time. Apprentice Adept omnibus volume containing the first three novels. The dragon set to guard the border of Xanth has broken free and a plague of amnesia is spreading through the population.

The land's greatest magician overindulged in a youth spell and is now an infant. And on top of everything else, a young girl is lost in the forest where she may fall prey to the dragon, or something even worse. Only one person in Xanth is not affected by a spell that makes ugly things beautiful and vice versa. Trapped on a world where whatever you dream can be transformed into reality, an Earthman encounters various supernatural creatures before traveling to Hell itself.

Further adventures in Xanth, as a satyr and his companions discover that there is an entire new world to be found on a tiny planet that orbits the head of a princess at Castle Roogna. An unhappy lover and powerful magician assumes the mantle of Evil after he dies, and sets himself in opposition to Satan in a struggle for domination of the afterlife. A woman from our own world trapped in a magical universe escapes from her captors and sets out to help free her fellow women from the domination of magic wielding men.

Her goal is to seek the knowledge that will alter the nature of the virtual world.

A gargoyle visits the magical ruler of Xanth to secure a spell that will banish pollution from his river and free his fellow gargoyles. In order to be granted that wish, he must complete a quest, hampered by the usual cast of characters and misadventures. Fantasy despite being set on another planet. Although modern religions are emerging on Tarot, there is still a strong belief in the occult.

A visiting Earthman investigates this anomaly and discovers that the tarot deck manifests creatures which can actually interact with humans and cause deaths. A crotchety golem sets out to find a missing pet dragon, and ends up rescuing fair maidens, thwarting evil witches, and accomplishing other heroic tasks, many of which are humorous in nature. The child of a goblin and a harpy is sent off on a quest to find her true nature.

After a series of wacky adventures, she acquires maturity and confidence in herself.. Borgo, , Dell, , Tor, An Arabian Nights style story in which a poor man is sent on a journey to find the secret of changing copper into gold. His adventures include dealing with afrits and genies, wizards and princesses, villains, and heroes, beautiful women and monsters, and much more. A former human colony world has discovered real magic. The magician protector of Xanth is missing, so a young shapechanger sets out to find out what happened to him. He encounters the usual array of goblins, dragons, and other fantastic creatures before solving the mystery.

A shapechanger's life becomes difficult when he is forced to choose between two prospective wives, although he is rescued in the nick of time by the kidnapping of a young centaur. During the course of recovering the missing child, he meets an elf girl, who solves his romantic problems as well.

A battle among demons endangers the future of Xanth. Stile, who travels between worlds of science and magic, discovers that the Oracle, which had helped him in the past, is now apparently working to bring about his death. Unless he discovers what forces are working behind the scenes and why, Stile might die, and by doing so cast the future of both universes in doubt.

Two people are lured into an elaborate series of virtual reality computer games with a deadly secret. Dying in the game isn't just depressing, it's downright dangerous. Demons compel a man to court a woman who is uninterested in romance. Wings, , as Three Complete Xanth Novels.

Xanth omnibus containing the first three novels. A bored young princess sets out on a quest to a magical new world, except the one she ends up in is our own, where magic doesn't work, mythical creatures don't exist, but it's still possible to have a string of wild adventures. She does so before returning to her own universe.

A young adventurer gets more than he bargained for when he falls in love with a mermaid and discovers that lost Atlantis has only been misplaced. The world of Xanth is under attack by hordes of nomadic barbarians and the king is missing again. A half human, half ogre is magically transformed into an intelligent creature and given the mission of escorting a number of young women on a dangerous journey. Suddenly smart enough to understand the oddity of his position, he eventually approaches a magician to find out what has happened to him, but only after the usual array of adventures.

When Zane kills Death personified, he finds himself drafted into filling the vacancy. Initially he is pleased because he believes that he has become all powerful, but then he discovers that even Death is just a pawn in the hands of Satan. The minds of a robot and an apprentice sorcerer are magically transposed between alternate worlds of science and magic with adventurous and humorous results. An army of robots threatens to overrun the world of Xanth. An invasion by alien creatures seems likely to result in the conquest of both planes of existence in the final installment of this series.

Two children manage to make friends with one of the invaders, and on the strength of that friendship hinges the fate of two worlds. A deliberately silly and overtly sexy book involving the magical properties of smegma, talking animals, succubi, and other creatures of fantasy. Xanth's patron magician is still missing so a zombie girl decides to search for him just to make life more interesting.

Unfortunately, her path takes her to Hell itself where the magician who befriends her must decide which of his several wives to save from Hell. A robot and a sorcerer, both switched to a parallel world opposite their own, forge an alliance to protect both planes of existence. But supernatural monsters and aliens from other planets show up in both places as well. More pun filled nonsense in Xanth, this time revolving around the trial of a parent accused of using a naughty word in front of her six century old egg.

Bink, the hero of the first volume in this series, is sent by his kind to discover the source of magic in Xanth. Unfortunately, through doing so he threatens to banish magic from the entire realm. The opening volume of this very popular series of lightly humorous adventures is set in a world where everyone has the gift of magic except, apparently, the protagonist. He sets out on a quest to discover the nature of his hidden talent, finding friends and dangers along the way. It turns out he is immune to magical attacks. Another series that blends science fiction with fantasy, this one alternating between worlds of science and magic, Proton and Phaze.

A stork steals the baby it was supposed to deliver, carrying it off to another reality. The demon who controls gravity in Xanth has gone missing, and the future of the realm is in peril. The usual diverse array of characters is assembled for a quest to find a set of magical rings that could be used to restore balance. Three Complete Xanth Novels. See The Magic of Xanth. A cyborg and his friends oppose the power of evil sorcery. The forces of evil, both supernatural and alien, once again menace the parallel worlds of Phaze and Proton, and only the transposed personalities of two unlikely heroes can save their worlds from subjugation.

A band of diverse adventurers seeks to save Xanth from a demon's wrath. The author continues to mix various magical creatures into strange crossbreeds in this volume. This time it's a quest to raise an army or magical defenses to protect a peaceful community from the attacks of a horde of demons.

A woman from our world falls in love with a visitor from another plane of reality where dragons and other mythical creatures exist. She crosses over and finds herself in a world where women are deprived of the power of magic, which is reserved exclusively for men. On the planet Tarot, real and unreal aren't always distinguishable. A visitor of Earth discovers that here is is possible to encounter dragons, demons, and other supernatural beings, all controlled by the Tarot deck.

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An unhappy human assumes the aspect of War and uses his newfound powers to bring peace to the world. Or at least that's his intention. Satan isn't happy with this new state of affairs, and tricks the protagonist into coming to Hell. Unfortunately for Satan, War's powers then enable him to organize a rebellion against the Lord of Hell.

A human woman assumes the role of Fate and sets her powers in opposition to those of Satan when he plots to seize the sole of the woman's human granddaughter. The usual cast of wacky characters is assembled in a new quest, this time to magically avert a flood that threatens all of Xanth. A demon traveling incognito and a family from our universe join forces to save Xanth from destruction when a magical storm of unprecedented power threatens to destroy the entire world. That happens a lot in Xanth. A young woman has various adventures as she seeks to escape the attentions of the king of the zombies, who wishes to make her his bride.

Two women, both of whom have troubled lives, possess the power to make dreams become reality, though neither of them realizes it at first. Their eventual wakening brings them true freedom for the first time in their lives. Jason Striker pits his mastery of martial arts and psychic powers against a newly revived ninja society organizing itself in Brazil. Outcasts of Christman Island.

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