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Crowbar Press, Assael, Shaun and Mike Mooneyham. Three Rivers Press, Accessed 29 May Molinaro, John. Damage, Brian. Hornbaker, Tim. ECW Press, Reynolds, R. The True Story of WrestleMania. Watts, Bill and Scott Williams. All rights Reserved by WWE. No copyright infringement intended. Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section of the Copyright Act , allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.

Wrestlecrap: The Death of WCW by Randy Baer, R. D. Reynolds and Bryan Alvarez (2004, Paperback)

Don't miss out! Well, not really. All this plus the newest WCR segment, which has to do with What could it be? One hint - it involves the infamous Katie Vick outfit! Plus JBL's "boner juice", the hot wrestling action at the Superbowl, more Hornswoggle nonsense, and the fact that Blade would like to have fellatio with Teddy Ruxpin.

Lindsay Lohan's freckles! Plus live interactive commentary on the Heyman Hustle! Plus words of warning for one Damien Demento, who had the audacity to call us out! Plus some other crap. FROM ?!!???!!!! Well, not really, so instead the Co-Hosts sing horribly, airbrush out male nipples, and tell tales of bootlegging spoiled meat into Canada.

Listen at your own risk - discretion is definitely advised! Who is it? One way to find out! And RD breaks down and starts swearing like a sailor! Plus who would win in a shoot fight between Rodney Mack and Joe Namath! Testing a terrible Snickers bar! Watching a bad movie trailer! And other stuff no one could possibly care about! What more could you ask for from such a wrestling radio progrem? Will RD be drafted? Will Blade be drafted? And who could possibly care? Stubby is dead. We mourn the passing of our little wooden friend, then delve into all the latest pro wrestling news of Eddie Murphy's inflatable head, more on that Stone Cold impersonator, Braden Walker, Ashley being released, and Blade's friend Vince Viagra, with the winner of the WrestleCrap Radio Garage Sale Auction, Josh Dionio!

Except there isn't anything, so instead we break down the greatness that is Tony Atlas, Roddy Piper in blackface, Demolition in a bar, porn stars, and ask why Corporal Kirchner sounds like a car. Well, horray? All that plus more Billy Carter and Buck Henry than you can shake a stick at! Plus the debut of our new TNA correspondant, Pete! The Lost Episode: What would have been episode Plus the same jokes you've been hearing for three years! All in the worst audio quality since Marconi! In other words, listen at your own risk! Eh, who could blame him?

Ok, not really, but they do get erections at the age of four, find themselves more popular than some performing acts, and dissect which WWE Divas would date them! Plus McKenzie Phillips dancing like a scarecrow! And other assorted horribleness in one of the worst WCR's ever! You've been warned! Well, if pro wrestling news to you means Ashleigh Flair and Linda Hogan banging kids not even old enough to buy beer, that is.

And RD eats a foreign candy bar! Can the boys calm down the ornery Okie? Only one way to find out! WrestleCrap Radio is the longest running wrestling podcast on the planet? Hey, if WWE can do it, so can we! We'll say this - he knows his wrestling.

Black Saturday (professional wrestling)

We'll also say you'll be begging for the return of Johnny 6! Plus the return of the Boogeyman, the return of some dream analyzing, a woman more anonymous than Anonymous Brooke, and RD's latest exploits in the World Food Aisle! And would they talk about Celebrity Championship Wrestling? Just one way to find out! Plus the sad saga of Val Venis' dog! But best of all, it's the debut of You won't get NEWZ like that anywhere else!

There's only one thing you need to know: Angry Jim Ross is here with Thanksgiving turkey cooking tips! Could also be Mike Knox, who knows. All while Dr D David Schultz shouts at you! Or lack thereof. Listen at your own peril! Plus, you'll never guess which famous celebrity is the new TNA correspondent! What more do you need? Robecca DiPietro's TV ads! The 12 Rounds trailer! Bad Jeff Foxworthy impressions! All this and more on WrestleCrap Radio, the longest running episodic wrestling podcast in the history of planet Earth!

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Also this week, Chyna terrorizing people with a new sex tape, Blade terrorizing people with baby wienies, Todd Bridges terrorizing people in the ring, and a new segment debuts WrestleCrap Fanfiction Theatre? You better believe it!

And listen to it too. If that's not enough to entice you to listen, you also get the highly anticipated story of Stubby's survival, vanilla milkshake pop-tarts, Mr. Blade has all the answers on this week's WrestleCrap Radio. Don Mason appears in a music video, and literally seconds are spent discussing the Diva Battle Royale. You'd be a feathered fool to miss it! For the rest of the show you have Blade's horrible Mike McGurk impression, Doritos eating, Craig DeGeorge working with cheerleaders, Mike Check's horrible English butler impression, the return of the Dream Analysis, some discussion yeah right of the Diva Battle Royale, and a preview of the soon to be smash hit Wrestlicious.

Who will take over Fanfiction Theater? And what role will the Crickets play? It doesn't stop them though from talking about the auctioning of Ax and Smash's tag team belts, Superstar Billy Graham writing more satanic emails, Mickie James' new outfit and Mike Check's 'fascinating' six hours of TNA news. Take a listen, but be very afraid if they mention your name somehow Can he make it through the episode without having his admission literally cost an arm and a leg? WCR Outtakes It's not technically a new episode, but to cover the lack of one this week, let RD Reynolds guide you through outtakes of Blade Braxton's latest song, and the fact that you are not the only one for whom the show Family Affair is too obscure a reference.

But what dirt does John Thomas has on him that he calls in? You have to listen to find out! If you're looking for the latest wrestling news you're going to be disappointed again. On the other hand, if you want to hear various people call in with literally nothing wrestling related to talk about, including a first Celebrity Trip to the Grocery, and an intervention from Global Internet, then you're very much in luck!

Plus, the two watch what very well be the worst match in TNA history. Do you dare to follow it alongside it too? Plus Johnny Fairplay's Trip to the Grocery! It's nostalgic fun for one and all Twelve Listeners! Can YOU guess what his favorite food for breakfast is?

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Not Mike Reno? Of course, that's a given Blade on the other hand loves it. Which side will prevail? Punk, so how then does WrestleCrap Radio's first call-in celebrity respond to this? You'd better tune in to find out what he has to say! If you still have the stamina to listen to wrestling news 31 minutes in, perhaps you too can find amusement with RD and Blade talikg about Ashley Massaro posing again for Playboy, Hulk Hogan's new tattoo, Jimmy Snuka selling his everyday life, and Rikishi using old WCR tunes. You never know! Happy Halloween! All this and more in over minutes of wrestling news action!

Or rather they don't, and instead they talk about Don And of course, gifts for one and all Can you guess who it is? Plus, the debut of a new video gaming segment and literally ONE piece of wrestling news 49 minutes into the show! Plus Blade gets chewed out! Oh, and something's happened too in the wrestling industry, but there's no time for that here! Just check the thing! Well, OK, you can also get it from Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez too, but at least this week they talk about wrestling for a change if it involves wrestlers on webcams, hair extensions, sicknesses, pregnancies, and a drunken Iron Sheik.

Plus, the greatest wrestling theme song in the history of man! But hey, quality over quantity after all. And besides, news about Doritos, Kimberly Page, and bad comic books is good enough! Also, they finally have a new TNA Correspondent who could definitely be the worst one ever! Make it so! And they also receive an unexpected call from the last person anyone wants to hear from! This calls for an emergency episode of WCR!

If this does not make you cry by the end of its duration, what would? Who will cover TNA? What does malt vinegar have to do with wrestling? Find out Has Blade broken any laws in the past week to deserve this? You'd better listen to find out! You know who else is also equally angry? Angry Jim Ross, forced to close his restaurants. You can guess he has a lot to say, if he has time between Trish Stratus possibly posing nude, Triple H trying to act, and numerous injuries in a PPV named after a MacGuyver episode.

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This is the show for you! All this and enough wrestling news to make you want to dig your own pit to jump in! Plus, a new TNA Correspondent and revelations on a character returned from the 'dead'. Oh joy. What more could you ask for in an internet wrestling progrem? Plus a Root Beer vs. Red Cream Soda discussion for the ages!

Don Mason trivia! The last half-decade has all been worth if for nothing else than what happens at the minute mark!

10 GREATEST Wrestling Heel Turns Of All Time!

Assuming you reach that far! Season 6 Who's Becky? Ring rats! Wendi Richter!