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Confederate cavalry commander J.

When Longstreet arrived on the flank, he waited for just the right moment to strike. Finally, Longstreet smashed the exposed Union line with an artillery barrage that lifted the pressure on Jackson.

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If First Manassas had given the Federals a shock, Second Manassas second battle of bull run was worse, because it showed the Confederacy had real staying power. More than that, at least in the Eastern theatre, the Federal army had been dramatically outfought and outgeneraled. In the three months since Robert E. It was the Federal capital that now feared a siege, that was preparing to evacuate government property to New York, and that was readying clerks for the defense of the city. Civil War Art.


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The Battle of Bull Run. Battle of Second Manassas. On the morning after the battle at Groveton, Pope 's army was greatly reduced.

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It had failed to prevent the unity of Lee's army, and prudence dictated its immediate flight across Bull Run, and even to the defenses of Washington. He had received no reinforcements or supplies since the 26th, and had no positive assurance that any would be sent. He confidently expected rations and forage from McClellan at Alexandria a short distance away , who was to supply them; and it was not until the morning of the 30th August, , when it was too late to retreat and perilous to stand still, that he received information that rations and forage would be sent as soon as he Pope should send a cavalry escort for the train— a thing impossible.

He had no alternative but to fight.

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Both commanders had made dispositions for attack in the morning. Lee's movements gave Pope the impression that the Confederates were retreating, and he ordered McDowell to pursue with a large force, Porter's forces to advance and attack then, and Heintzelman and Reno, supported by Ricketts's division, were ordered to assail and turn the Confederate left. This movement, when attempted, revealed a state of affairs fearful to the National army. The latter, as their advance moved forward, were opened upon by a fierce fire of cannon , shot, shell, and bullets, and at the same moment a large number of Lee's troops were making a flank movement that might imperil the whole of Pope's army.

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A very severe battle soon occurred. Porter's corps, which had recoiled at the unexpected blow, was rallied, and performed specially good service; and Jackson's advanced line was steadily pushed back until five o'clock in the afternoon, when Longstreet turned the tide of battle by pouring a destructive artillery fire upon the Nationals. Line after line was swept away, and very soon the whole left was put to flight.

AMH 148: Battle of Second Bull Run (Part II)

Jackson advanced, and Longstreet pushed his heavy columns against Pope's centre, while the Confederate artillery was doing fearful execution.