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It can cost your career.

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We have four generations working in a truly global marketplace. Each generation feels differently about using first names. Thou shalt speak slowly and clearly on the telephone. Texting makes us forget how we sound, or when we speed-talk. Again, remember those four generations in the work arena, as well as the diversity of cultures. A smile can be heard in your voice. So smile or you will sound irritated and put out.

Modern Etiquette: The 10 Commandments of Business Behavior

Not a good move when business is on the line. Thou shalt not use foul language. KIND is the only four-letter word for the workplace.

Thou shalt dress appropriately. If you must, call the human resources department and ask.

The 10 Commandments of Employee Onboarding

Good grooming is at least 10 times more important than making a fashion statement. Good taste and fashion are not always synonymous. You need to swing, you need to try. Aim for.

#4 Thou shalt build your tribe. (10 New Commandments of Career Change)

Everyday is a chance to make something of yourself, to further define your life. Say you went 4-for-4 yesterday and drove in the winning run. Work to put on a show today — hit a few doubles, a homerun, and make all of the defensive plays.

The 10 Commandments Of The Job Interview

Be proud. Be confident in yourself and continue to have respect for others. Further, be a leader.

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Work with those around you — tell them your story, share with them the experiences and skills that shaped your life. Work to build a better team, and a better life, together. All out. Move as fast as your legs will take you. And you know what? Maybe we need them to be set in stone. Your client is paying you for a lot of reasons: to teach, motivate, hold them accountable, be an ally, and most important, guide them through their workouts. Be quiet and watch your client move.

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But the best trainers do more than coach. They also know when to stop talking and listen. You may think a certain modality is amazing and infallible, and you may even have evidence it works. But individual clients require individualized guidance. Education is one of the most exhilarating and exhausting things in human existence. An expert in one discipline is still a novice in countless others. You have a responsibility to your clients, the industry, and yourself to keep learning and improving.

Whether you study training methodologies, business and marketing, or the hidden history of Westeros , the more you learn, the greater capacity you have for future learning. Clients are an exciting and frustrating bunch. We train clients because we love training. The gym is our natural habitat. After all, they have both the motivation to get fit and the means to pay for your services. For one thing, it takes some work just to figure out what they really want from you.

Onboarding: Not just for employees anymore

They may not share these specific goals with you, or even know how to articulate them. It takes empathy and respect. But most of all, it takes your full attention. You have to hear what they say and notice what they leave out. This should go without saying.